Tattooers From Around the World. (or Broaden Your Tastes You Bastards)

Hello! It's Lorin again and I have some new stuff for you this week. Every other day customers ask me what tattoos I like, what my favorite thing to tattoo is, etc. I never really have an answer for them, because what I like today I hate tomorrow. However what constitutes a good tattoo is fairly concrete, but it is hard for me to put it into words. A lot of care and planning goes into getting it just right. I have a few examples of people who get it right constantly. These artists have managed to tattoo their way out of the day to day mundane nonsense you see on every stained tank-topped asshole in line at Busch Gardens. I mean it is not enough to be a good tattooer, but their trusting clients deserve much of the credit as well.  These people set a standard. Everything they do is just cool. I quit.

Peter Lagergren- Malmo, Sweden    CLICK HERE FOR HIS INSTAGRAM 

This guy. Insane large color pieces. I really like his tattoos. This is what good tattoo is. Not just because they are done well, but because they have all the elements that make a tattoo last much much longer than an Instagram post. Clean lines, proper use of black, and bold solid color. The art and subject matter are always fresh which, in a world of the oppressive Pinterest bullshit, is saying something.

Annie Frenzel- San Antonio, Texas USA     CLICK HERE FOR HER INSTAGRAM 

I'm a little biased, because she has done most of my tattoos. Annie is a tattooer's tattooer. A German who currently lives in Texas, her work is incredibly sharp and she's cultivated her own look to her tattoos. Her pieces are easily recognizable to tattoo nerds, and she's one of the more ripped off by other tattooers thanks to the internet. Just as with the other artists mentioned here, her work is consistently clean, super solid, and lasting. The Germans have a word for it but I think its spelled like Hümkdhscbdheurigklatsenfismustard.

David Corden- Edinburgh, Scotland   CLICK HERE FOR HIS WEBSITE

Holy piss this guy has a firm grasp on realism. His color as well as black and grey make me want to blow my brains out. What I like most about his tattooing is that he manages to nail down that photographic quality WITH the use of nice black lines as a framework. That's something that all of the "cool kid popular tv host wannabe color portrait douche tattooers" need to wrap their pointy heads around. Mr. Corden's studio should be opening sometime this year, but until then he's traveling.

There are many good tattooers out there, but there are infinitely more shitbirds and con-artists. So watch out. Remember tattoos should be art, not kitsch. So measure yourself, or we all wind up looking like Busch Gardens.