Propaganda for the benefit of all.

Being near the mall, we get a rather broad sample of the public walking in to check the out the shop. As tattooing continues to proliferate among the main stream crowd, people seem confused as to the appointment process of getting a tattoo. It may be their first time, or they're used to getting small walk-in designs, or (worse case) they're just another member of the unwashed stumbling in to kick tires and make our day much more awkward than would've been. I thought it best to give the average Joe a heads up on how it ideally would work:

1. Before you come in make sure to know roughly what you want and who you would like to do it. Print out a clear, as high-res as possible, picture of any reference you think would be helpful. Every one's portfolio is on this site. Take a few minutes to decide what artist you would like to talk to beforehand. 

2. Walk inside with your idea and tell the lovely counter staff that you would like to set an appointment to get tattooed by whoever you decided on earlier. If they are there that day you can talk to them about what you want done. If they are not, come back when they are. We'll take a look at your idea, and guide you about the best way to have it done. 

3. Trust and listen. We know what is best for your tattoo. You must think of us as at least somewhat competent or you wouldn't even be considering coming here. In the end I'll do whatever you want within reason, but if your artist tells you it would look better done one way over another, you'd do well to listen.  Theres this misplaced " It's my body! I'll do what I want" attitude. Realize that it's the artist's name and reputation attached to it. When nobody likes your tattoo or you get made fun of, you will just blame us. So it is in everyone's best interest to do a good job.

4. The DEPOSIT. This shouldn't be a foreign concept. Anytime a high dollar service is being purchased, the person providing the service needs a commitment in the form of a monetary payment to be held in trust. This is to compensate us for our time in the event that you do not show up. Deposits are nonrefundable and will be subtracted from the final session. If you no-show or cancel last minute you lose it. Deposits are proportional to the amount of work you're requesting. DO NOT PUT DOWN A DEPOSIT IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT GETTING TATTOOED. Once we have a deposit down, we'll get to work on the drawing.

5. The drawing is just the basic outline that will become the stencil. It usually won't have any color or shading, and is ready the day of your appointment. If there are any concerns or changes, they can be made right then and there. A lot of trust on your part is crucial to the entire process, and don't think it goes unappreciated!

Well thats it. Pretty easy right? I'm sure most of you knew this anyway. Oh, and sorry about the smarmy tone. It might've helped if you had read it in the voice of James Spader.