Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival August 2015

HELLO! So earlier this month we attended the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival, and had a blast. Matt Clarke and Chris Stoll tattooed at the booth, while I (Alley) hung out at the booth and talked to *hopefully* potential clients, made new friends, saw some amazing tattoos, and discussed future amazing tattoos with some of you. As promised, the following is a list of the tattoos that placed in the contests with photos of the tattoos. If you have any photos from the weekend, feel free to e-mail them to us at!


Matt Clarke: 2nd place best traditional

Chris Garcia: 1st place best Japanese & 2nd place best Japanese


Chris Garcia: 3rd place best color portrait, 1st place best small black and grey, 1st place best large black and grey, 3rd place best black and grey portrait

Carl Fuchs: 3rd place best large black and grey


Chris Garcia: 3rd place best sleeve (shown above)

Carl Fuchs: 1st place best back piece (shown above)


We had a lot of fun, hope to see all the awesome people we met soon!