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HELLO EVERYONE! Happy leap year!
Some big news here at Red 5!

Lets start with the Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival that's going on at the Hampton Convention center this weekend (March 4-6)... You can find Jason Adkins and Matt Clarke there for those days!

Though Jason and Matt won't be in studio this week, MICHAEL TRUITT will be coming in the 3rd through the 6th for a guest spot! Check him out on instagram @rainbow.eagle!

Following the busy weekends, MARTIN BUECHLER will be joining our team full time! Check his instagram as well @martinbuechlertattoos and be sure to give him a warm welcome when you stop by for appointments! Full announcement and portfolio to come.

Just in case you hadn't heard, Lorin Hay will be leaving for Germany April 1st, for all of April. We won't be booking any appointments for him while he's gone pending information on when he'll be back, but we will keep you posted! Get tattooed by him while you can!

Super Bowl Sunday, BUT...

For those of you who aren't necessarily football fans and want to get tattooed, our artists are open for walk-ins from 5pm until 8pm! Walk-ins are first come, first served so feel free to call ahead and see if anyone is still open! We might even be able to turn the commercials on for you.

Family Portrait

Megan, who has been a member of the Red 5 staff since opening day, has decided to forever immortalize her parents on her legs. Last night she started by having her father put on her calf by Chris Garcia, and the results are incredible. Can't wait to see the next piece!