Studio Update, brought to you by Alley Bangarang:

Last night we had a first here at Red 5... actually it was just a first... 

Before closing, I had to (for the first time ever in 10 years of working in this industry) ask some clients if they lost their fishing lure... Yes, that's right... Someone left a fishing lure in our lobby by the bathroom door.
SO... If any of our awesome clients lost their lucky lure, let me know!


I want to say that I'm really proud to work with the crew we have here at Red 5. Our current staff is full of talent, and lacks the drama. Fun times, and great tattoos. So thanks Carl, Chris, Brett, Lorin, Matt, Stoll, Jason, and Martin. We're lucky to have such a great team here at Red 5, and will be sad to see Lorin leave for Germany!