Q: Do you do piercings?
A: We do not do piercings, but if you call the studio we will gladly refer you to a piercer we trust and highly recommend. 

Q: Do you tattoo minors (anyone under 18) with parental consent?
A: We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 for any reason. Here is a blog post that was written to help explain.

Q: How do I get a consult with an artist?
A: We do not book consults
, they are done as walk-ins, but you must call ahead. Call the studio on the day you are looking to stop by, make sure the artist is in, and check the best time for a consult that day. Understand that you are welcome to stop by anytime an artist is in the studio, but you may have to wait or they may ask you to come back later due to being with a client at that time. Always call to check that the artist is in fact in the studio, regardless of posted schedule. 

Q: Do you offer apprenticeship?
We do not offer apprenticeships.

Q: What is your shop minimum and hourly rate?
The shop minimum is $60, which means the tattoo price will never go below that regardless of size. The shop hourly is $125 an hour if a piece is deemed as hourly by the artist. Some pieces are priced by the piece itself, which will have many things factoring into the price. 

Q: Can I bring my children with me?
No one under the age of 18 is permitted to go into the back of our studio where the tattoo booths are located, and cannot be left alone in our lobby. We ask that no one under 18 is in the studio lobby longer than 15 minutes and that parents in our lobby with children make sure they quietly remain with you, as to not disturb the artists while tattooing, and to keep our furniture from any damage.

Q: What are the acceptable forms of I.D. I can bring to get tattooed?
Valid [non-military] state/government issued drivers license, identification card, or passport can be used. If none of these are available, a photo I.D. with a clear picture and first and last name can be coupled with an original birth certificate [copies will not be accepted]. All I.D. must be presented in person, and cannot be e-mailed, or presented via copy.

Q: Why can't I use my military I.D. to get tattooed?
A: Copying a military I.D. is prohibited by law, and we must have photo copies of identification on file per the Health Department. We value our military clients, but cannot risk fines, or worse.

Q: Do you take walk-ins?
We do take walk-ins when we have availability. We don’t have set walk-in days or times, so we always recommend having an appointment just to be safe. It is recommend that you call ahead to see if anyone will be open for walk-ins, and we always ask that you keep in mind that walk-ins are first come, first served. No spots will be reserved without a deposit, and deposits are not taken over the phone. We have often heard "I will be there in 15 minutes" only to have the potential client never show up, and because of this we do not reserve spots verbally. 

Q: Can you tell me what my tattoo will cost?
A: If you would like to come in the studio, we can give you a price range. There are several things involved in pricing a tattoo, and there will be many questions asked, as well as visuals needed, so we do not do any pricing via the internet or telephone. If you have a particular artist in mind you will need to call ahead to see when they can do a consult.

Q: How do I book an appointment?
A: We recommend first gathering reference images and choosing an artist. Once you've chosen, call the studio to see when that artist will be available for an in person consult. Once you have had a consult and would like to book, a deposit will be required at the time of booking to reserve slots.

Q: Why do I need to come into the studio for pricing or to book an appointment?
Much like cosmetic surgeries, we need to properly assess the area and what you would like. This is so we can maximize your time with the artist, and make sure the artist has everything they need to book you an appointment. Each artist is different in how they work, and many prefer to speak in person regarding their work of permanent art on your skin.

Q: Can I book an appointment even though I live outside Virginia?
Yes, of course! We are fortunate enough to have loyal clients all over the world, who travel to get tattooed here. Please e-mail us through the Contact section for more information. 

Q: Can you just show my idea to all your artists and see who would want to do it?
We ask that you choose your artist based on their style of tattooing, and how you want the outcome to look. No matter what the subject, our artists will always do their best job at it.

Q: What is a deposit, and how much is it?
A: Deposits are either $60 (our shop minimum, tattoos under $100 only) or $100. They are absolutely non-refundable, and belong with Red 5 regardless of artist transfer. It is to secure time that has been blocked off for you and the artist to go over and alter your design if needed, and work on the tattoo. Please understand that this time is their lively hood, and shouldn't be taken lightly. In the event that you need to move your appointment, you are given a 48 hour window to do so prior to your appointment. Anything cancelled within that 48 hour window of time will result in a loss of deposit as stated in the signed deposit agreement, regardless of reasoning, as that is now considered a loss of income for the artist. 

Q: I booked an appointment. When can I see my drawing?
A: Drawings are ready for the client at the time of their first appointment. Any changes that need to be made can be made then. If a design is agreed upon, the tattoo will be started at that time. If the design needs minor changes, they will be made and the tattoo will be started as soon as a design is agreed upon. In the event that the design needs extensive redrawing on the same idea, a new appointment may need to be made at no consequence to your deposit. If an idea is completely changed at the time of your appointment instead of notifying the studio prior to, the deposit will go to the artist. To avoid having to reschedule, we highly recommend sending reference images and details prior to your appointment.

Q: Why doesn't my artist show me my drawing weeks before my appointment?
A: There are a few reasons for this. If you have an appointment booked, chances are there are others booked with that artist as well who will also need drawings done. Each drawing takes a significant amount of time and research. Doing a drawing weeks prior could cause the artist to visually/mentally lose the direction in which they had intended the piece to go in, so it is preferred to keep it fresh in mind when drawing and tattooing it instead of getting lost in other designs. Lastly, given our 48 hour cancellation policy, many artists want to make sure they are in the safe zone prior to spending hours on a drawing only to have the client cancel.

Q: I cancelled my appointment within 48 hours for what I thought was a valid reason. Why don't I get to keep my deposit?
A: As stated in the deposit agreement and appointment e-mails given to clients, deposits are always non-refundable. Last minute cancellations are much harder to fill, and the artist often loses out completely. We ask that clients take into consideration that this is the artists livelihood, and if a client cancels an appointment short notice the artist has no way of making money, as they are not hourly wage employees, therefore the deposit goes to them for the unused appointment slot and their time. Cancelled slots can often be a consequence for the artist, and potentially their families as well, as you may never know how many others have cancelled that day or week. Something else to keep in mind is that we have heard it all... every reason and excuse in the book has been given to us, and there have been times when the excuses have proven false. This is unfair to our artists, and per the agreement at the time of monetary deposit exchange, the deposit will go directly to them.