Interesting(?) Areas of Tattoo Philosophy

First of all, let me say "Hello! ". My name is Lorin and I'm one of the artists here at Red 5. From time to time I'll be posting on here. I'll bring you intelligent, impossible to disagree with, rants or just things I find around the interwebs. I found this little blurb from a tattooer named Johnny Thief at Seppuku up in New Jersey. The guy brings up many good points. Now, before I get a bunch of emails giving me a "customers always right" speech, I'll tattoo almost anything you want. I need to keep the lights on like everyone else, but I wish there was a greater gravity given to the average tattoo decision.  It's a good read and gives some insight into why we sometimes tell you that what you want looks better in your imagination then out here with the rest of us.

The Letter of the Law: Laws for Lettering and Tattoos  <- click that

If you happen to agree with this, please share. Education is usually the best way to make sure you don't wind up looking like an idiot.